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This blog is simply my story and the summation of the years of dieting, failing and researching that have finally got me back into shape and healthy. I have gone from amateur enthusiast to fitness professional during this journey. All advice here is my own from my own experiences, both amateur and professional, and where professional/journal/medical information is used I cite all references giving those who did the graft their due. Please feel free to have a look around and also check out the Official KrissieKirby.com blog

Sunday, 29 January 2012

For those who asked about my Cardio workouts...

I've done a little video.

Now you all know I RAVE about Turbofire.  I love it, it's possibly one of the best home workout systems for those who love the feel of an aerobics class that you can get your hands on and so without further ado, here is the madness that i love to do even after an lunchtime gym session ;)

This was round 6.  There was another round of this sequence to come. Rounds 1 and 2 were one sequence, 3 and 4 were another sequence all on the same format of madness.  My Heart rate peaked at 207 bmp, quite literally giving 110% (even though I loathe that saying but in this case it is theoretically possible).

Yeah it's a little vain and self indulgent but who'd have thunk eh, a former 17stone 12lb lard arse, can now do that?

Oh and a Non Scale Victory this week.  Although I think perhaps on this particular range Adidas may be slightly over generous (which I'm told is a rarity for them), I now own and can comfortably wear a pair of UK size 12 bottoms and top for the gym.  Not bad for someone who used to be a size 26.

I am still working on the new career, and will still be blogging, hopefully with more frequency.  It's all go as usual.  So best crack on with the website and the next blog to accompany it which will explain all about my new venture and what's happening with that.

As always thank you for reading my little corner of the inter web, and as always be kind to yourself.

Much Love


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