Hello there!

Welcome to the confessions of this former fatty. If you’ve opened this blog expecting it to be a quick fix, answer to everything, all knowing guide to losing weight , then I think this blog will disappoint you, sorry! There is no quick fix, there is no holy grail and there is no magic to losing weight.

This blog is simply my story and the summation of the years of dieting, failing and researching that have finally got me back into shape and healthy. I have gone from amateur enthusiast to fitness professional during this journey. All advice here is my own from my own experiences, both amateur and professional, and where professional/journal/medical information is used I cite all references giving those who did the graft their due. Please feel free to have a look around and also check out the Official KrissieKirby.com blog


Welcome to the ever growing site that is my blog.

These pages started originally with the No More Mrs Fatty McFat blog that has documented my weight loss journey over the last year.  I've been a little haphazard with how I've blogged but that was inpart down to my excitement at all the new crazy things I wanted to learn and try.

One of those crazy things happens to be a natural progression from my own journey, my new career as a weightloss coach and personal trainer.  I'm hoping you'll continue this journey with me as it's far from over.

The aim of this extending and ever expanding site is to offer motiviational tips, guidance and advice on your journey with all the information that I've learned over the last 6 years of changing my eating habits and lifestyle in general.

I'm open, honest and can sometimes be quite opinionated (well OK most of the time) but sometimes the softly, softly approach just doesn't work and you have lay out the bare facts to those who seek knoweldge about something so important as their health.

These extra pages will ultimately be subsummed in to my new website (www.krissiekirby.com) once it's finished.  but I'm so excited to share what I've learned with you that I thought why wait 'til Feb 1st? Let's just do this.  Why put of until tomorrow what I can do today?

So I wish you all the happiness in the world.  I wish you health and success, and remember to always be kind to yourself, you rock!